Maya Resintech’s experience is born in 1983, in Italy. After 30 years, to remain competitive in an increasingly global market, it moves in Arad (Romania) and in 2013, it follows its path based on the quality of its products, seriousness and reliability towards its customers, at affordable prices.

  • In our work experience, we have performed jobs for customers having the most varied needs and requirements, always managing to meet their expectations, with technical support in the design and implementation of new technologies.
  • Customer satisfaction in terms of quality, economic, respecting deadlines and thoroughness are the foundations of our way of being a company.
  • The never-ending search for advanced technologies, more qualified staff and the best quality of materials, allow us to manufacture top quality products.
  • Throughout these years, we have manufactured boats, car components, coatings and panels for trains and trams, box-baths for ships, flanges and pipe fittings, caps for the electrical insulation of turbines, protective housings and we have designed machines for processing marble, discharge channels for the tannery drums and many others.
  • The result is a company always ready to meet any customer requirement, with seriousness and professionalism, guaranteeing reliability for all its products and services.