The polyester reinforced with glass fiber (GRP): the multiple advantages

The increased use of composite materials as an alternative to traditional materials such as wood, steel, aluminum,…is based on the following characteristic needs, much in demand in many sectors of the composites themselves:

  • An unmatched corrosion resistance;
  • A specific strength superior to classic materials;
  • Easy installation of the finished products;
  • High electrical insulation properties;
  • Specific lower weight in comparison to many alternative materials.

These strengths facilitate the use of composite materials in the most demanding applications, while offering a global solution, technically and economically favorable.

Corrosion resistance

The unmatched corrosion resistance, increases the duration of your installations.

The advantages of GRP towards galvanized steel:

  • Corrosion resistance independent of the quality of the zinc coating;
  • No particular precaution during assembly at the construction site;
  • High resistance to salt compounds, sulfates, chlorine or highly basic substances.

The advantages of the GRP towards aluminum:

  • Absence of electrolytic corrosion that is released upon contact of the two metals in wet storage;
  • Duration unquestionably longer in basic, chlorinated and halogenated environments.

The advantages of the GRP towards stainless steel:

  • Absence of stress corrosion (mechanical);
  • Absence of cracks;
  • Can be used in the presence of chlorine.

Thermal / electric insulation

Important properties for safety.

  • Excellent thermal insulation (1000 times less heat conductive than aluminum);
  • No accumulation of electrostatic charges;
  • Excellent electrical insulation (~ 6 KV / mm).

Mechanical strength

A specific resistance of from 2 to 4 times higher than other traditional materials enables a significant reduction in the weight of the materials.

Depending on the application, a solution in GRP (for example: 70% of glass fiber and 30% polyester resin) allows a gain of weight equal in strength, of approximately:

  • 60% in relation to the stainless steel;
  • 65% in relation to aluminum;
  • 75% in comparison to galvanized steel.


Choosing a faster installation and safe that can reduce your installation time by up to 50%.

The advantages of GRP against metal artefacts

  • No need to ground;
  • No need to check electrical continuity;
  • Cutting easily performed on site;
  • Work free from sharp edges, no risk of injury.