In this process one uses a mold and a counter mold, strong enough to counter the pressure of the injected resin. The molds, usually, are constructed using aluminum or steel therefore very expensive, suitable for the molding of parts with the annual numbers from 4000/5000 up depending on the difficulty of construction.

With this process one can make products of excellent quality especially with regard to the surfaces, foreign and domestic, with molding times sufficiently fast.

The process consists in the opening of the two molds (male and female) previously treated with mold release waxes, paint spraying (gelcoat) of the required color, after, the drying of the gelcoat occurred, positioning of the glass fibers and any reinforcements and inserts; closing the mold and secure it by the mechanical or hydraulic closures, injection of resin through pneumatic pumps with contactor of beats needed to complete mold filling.